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Client Update:

• Detection Improvments

• Scan Engine Improvments

• False Positives Fixed

• Bug Fixes

• New Behavioral Scanning option available for beta testing for premium users

• Updated Code Signing Certificate

- New Payment Methods -

With crypto currencies gaining traction we have had requests from our users to accept Bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto currencies commonly referred to as "Alt Coins" such as Litecoin (LTC) as payment methods. We have been looking at ways to implement Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. Other crypto currencies such as Litecoin (LTC) may be possible implementations at a later date. Transactions handled through Bitcoin would take longer as we would have to wait and verify the payments of each BTC payment that comes through to our Bitcoin address(s). Users would need to adjust their payments accordingly to the transaction fees that may apply on the wallet they transfer the Bitcoin from. We would not issue refunds to users that do not adjust for transaction fees. BTC payments would be marked at the exact time of transfer and the user credited with the value of the Bitcoin exchange rate at the time of transfer. To avoid confusion, Crypto Currency purchases would be set at fixed prices. I hope this answers some questions. There are some concerns and hurdles we will need to figure out. And we still need to experiment and make sure it makes sense to implement this from a buisness perspective. With that being said We have temporarily put this on hold due to the extreme volatility of the Bitcoin market.

- Holiday Specials -

We are Happy to announce we are now running our holiday special until the 1st of the year. All Premium keys are now 30% Off!

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